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Self check-in instructions (3 steps)

Step 1 - Find our exact location on Google maps

  • Our exact location can be found on this link on Google maps (we recommend using only Google maps, please don’t use Apple maps as accuracy is lower). Following the directions should be very simple to get to the apartment. However, for more details, please keep reading

Step 2 - Getting to the apartment from the Port or Airport

  • Please see below the two maps below with the exact directions from the Port (if arriving by ferry) or Airport (if arriving by airplane)

  • Click on “more options” for directions - they are already loaded on the map

  • See the three photos just below on the location of the turn from the main road to reach the apartments

Directions from the Port to Tonia Apartments
View of the turn when coming from Drios village (south)
Directions from the Airport to Tonia Apartments
View of the turn when coming from Marpissa village (north)
3476E563-7D5D-4465-8C4E-0E637C6ECE02_1_201_a 2.jpeg
Road to follow once turned! Follow it straight all the way!
Welcome to Tonia Apartments :)

Step 3 - Entering your apartment!

  1. Select your apartment’s name below (check your reservation details)

  2. Enter the password we supplied you with

  3. See the detailed photos to identify it and instructions to enter

House rules

Help us keep your stay worry-free!

1. Please mind the quiet hours from 10:30 PM to 8:00 AM
2. No smoking is allowed indoors at any apartment
3. Furry friends (pets) are allowed in our apartments but we kindly ask you to refrain them from using your own beds
4. We're here to help from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. For urgent needs outside these hours, please refer to our list of emergency contacts
5. Please take good care of your keys, as lost keys may incur a replacement fee of up to 20 euros. For emergencies outside of 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM, we've provided a list of 24/7 locksmiths to assist you.
Please note that locksmith services are at the guest's expense.
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