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Food scene of Paros

Here’s our own mini travel guide for Paros: Made so that we can share our love for the island and make you fall in love with it too!


In this guide we will walk through different sets of information for making your stay more enjoyable while on Paros. The guide contains several topics so feel free to click on the sections of interest and read more about them.

We will cover the following sections:


Food scene - Must visit restaurants on Paros


Parian cuisine features recipes from the Cyclades. A center of both culture and taste, today the Parian food scene is characterised by a high level of attention in the preparation of food as well as the atmosphere of the restaurants, Parians are simply obsessed with fresh, locally sourced food and this is reflected in most restaurants on the island.

Below, I present a few restaurants that we personally recommend and enjoy. Of course this is list is not exhaustive and depending on preference and price range, the list could be completely different. In case you are after something specific, please do feel free to ask and we will try our best to direct you!


1) Gialos Restaurant in Piso Livadi


Gialos restaurant is one Paros’ most balanced restaurant with excellent food quality, fantastic location, reasonable prices and a very friendly service. Gialos is inspired by the modern Greek cuisine while using local ingredients from nearby farms and adding an interesting twitch to many traditional recipes!

Why visit? You will love the food - every single item you order, you will eat while enjoying the sea breeze and you will want to return :)

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 5 km, 7 mins drive

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2) Soso Restaurant in Naousa


In one of Naousa's most beautiful streets Soso is one of the smallest but most elegant restaurants on the island of Paros. Born and bred in the village, Kalypso (Soso is some kind of a short form of her name in greek) creates a fusion of greek cooking with ingredients from all over the world. Being small, requires reservations, a few days before. "A small restaurant with large servings" as Peter characteristically says.

Why visit? Exciting food, large servings, reasonable prices and unique atmosphere (all decoration is handcrafted by Kalypso's partner Peter, who runs the restaurant), makes Soso a lovely spot of the Parian summer.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 11 km, 15 mins drive

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3) Chrisoula / Geuseis tis Sintrofias in Lefkes


Situated in the entrance of Lefkes village, Chrisoula’s local cuisine will welcome you for enjoying your coffee, dessert or even full mean while overlooking the village of Lefkes and Naxos island. If you would like to try the Parian mum’s food, this is the place to go with Chrisoula cooking all sorts of traditional foods every day!

Why visit? Because you won’t get better home cooking than Chrisoula’s! The atmosphere is friendly with locals running the cafe/restaurant for many years. You support the authentic traditional Parians by eating at Chrisoula’s.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments: 10 km, about a 15 min drive

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4) Fisilanis Restaurant in Logaras Beach


Family run restaurant located on the beautiful beach of Logaras in the east side of Paros. Fisilanis restaurant is run by the third generation of the family that initially opened the restaurant in 1964.

Why visit? Do you want to enjoy proper Greek food literally at the beach? Then try Fisilanis restaurant! The friendly atmosphere and fresh variety of food will leave

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 5 km, about a 7 min drive

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5) Restaurant Anna in Drios


Anna’s restaurant is located in the center of Drios village in the south east side of Paros near Golden beach. It serves all meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner inside but also outside in its green yard. All dishes you will find are based on traditional recipes with home-style cooking using Parian ingredients as much as possible.

Why visit? Anna’s restaurant is nearby the picturesque village of Drios and only 2km from Golden beach which makes it a perfect destination after going to the beach. The cuisine is known to be traditional Greek and visitors love the warmth and friendliness.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 1.5 km, 3 mins drive

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6) Kallitechniko Kafenio in Prodromos


Kallitechniko Kafenio (“Artistic Cafe” in Greek) is a small old Greek style cafe within the small alleys of Prodromos village which are among the island’s most picturesque. In Kallitechniko you will find small appetizers or “meze”, coffee, wine and ouzo but also dishes of the day if you would like to have a full meal. The surroundings will

Why visit? The surroundings and the atmosphere will make you go back in time in a more peaceful and friendly world where you will be trying local delicacies (such as wood-fired cooked chickpeas) while observing the surrounding tiny streets, fantastic setting and the relaxed lifestyle.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 6 km, 10 mins drive

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7) Charoula’s Tavern in Marpissa


Charoula’s Tavern in Marpissa is one of the oldest and most traditional restaurants in Marpissa and has kept the traditional cooking as well as the taverna setting you have in mind before visiting Greece!

Why visit? The family run place is located in the centre of Marpissa village and the walk o get there is just beautiful as you pass through the little alleys and admire the amazing architecture of Marpissa. Additionally, the restaurant would be a perfect stop after a short hike or a stop to Agios Antonios monastery when you can enjoy panoramic views of east Paros.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 5 km, 9 mins drive

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8) Mouragio Restaurant and Balkoni tou Aki in Aliki


Mouragio and Balkoni tou Aki (Aki’s balcony) restaurants are side by side in one of the most central locations of Aliki’s port. They are both known for their excellent seafood and amazing sitting by the water (see photos below). Competing with several other restaurants in Aliki, these two have been coming out on the top in people’s reviews over the years.

Why visit? Because while on Paros, you must try this experience where you will be eating surrounded by the beautiful Aegean sea. The food is fresh and the quality high. Not to be missed

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 11.5 km, 17 mins drive

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9) Apollon Garden Restaurant in Parikia


Apollon Garden Restaurant is situated in the premises of an old mill in Parikia. For 21 years the traditional restaurant, an oasis in the Old Market with its green plants, offers a unique atmosphere to enjoy Greek and international cuisine along with artists who frequented the site. The personnel is always there with a smile to suggest the specialty of the day and the appropriate wine.

Why visit? The atmosphere takes you into the past in a traditional old village setting. The food is delicious and there plenty of interesting options to choose from.


Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : 23 km, 30 mins drive


Other nearby options


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