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Here’s our own mini travel guide for Paros: Made so that we can share our love for the island and make you fall in love with it too!


In this guide we will walk through different sets of information for making your stay more enjoyable while on Paros. The guide contains several topics so feel free to click on the sections of interest and read more about them.

We will cover the following sections:


Transportation - How to get to places within Paros?


There are 3 main ways for travelling around the island:

  • Car / motorcycle / ATV rental

  • Bus

  • Taxi


By renting a car / motorbike / ATV you will have the greatest flexibility and be able to explore most of the island quicker. With this option you will be able to discover every little small road that might be of interest at your own pace. You can find many rental companies online, however, a few that have very good ratings and reviews among guests are AMR ParosStefanos rentalsParos European RentParos Go and DKS scooters.

The local buses provide the cheapest option. However, depending on the time of the season, the frequency of the schedules varies. From mid July to mid September they are regular but outside these months they get scarcer. The less busy the time of the season, the less frequent the timetables. This also means that rentals are cheaper at the low times of the season and that’s a great time to get a good deal. You can find the bus timetable online in this link and the central bus station is next to the port .

Finally, taxis are quite expensive but the fastest way to get around. You can pick one up from the taxi piazza in the port.

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