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Hiking & mountain biking

Here’s our own mini travel guide for Paros: Made so that we can share our love for the island and make you fall in love with it too!


In this guide we will walk through different sets of information for making your stay more enjoyable while on Paros. The guide contains several topics so feel free to click on the sections of interest and read more about them.

We will cover the following sections:


Hiking/mountain biking paths on Paros

Path on Paros in spring

While most people usually hear first about the amazing beaches and blue skies of Paros, the Parian nature (on land) is as spectacular as the sea. Paros is the third largest island in Cyclades and is full of paths and dirt roads which connect its rolling hills and mountains (Agioi Pantes mountain is the peak of the island at 763m). Paros is more mountainous in its centre while the coastal areas have flat and very accessible beaches. Paros offers a good variety of options from 30min hikes to 50km ultra hikes in nicely designed loops. Also it offers coastal routes and mountainous and most larger ones combine both which leads to breathtaking views along the way.

Below you may find a variety of paths on a map we created for you. Should you have any questions about the routes or would like to try any other combinations, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to suggest the routes that fit your needs. For full access in the map below on Google My Maps, click here!


Route 1: Agioi Anargiroi

Distance: 2.4 km one way

Description: Short steep hike to Agioi Anargiroi monastery where you can enjoy panoramic views of Parikia and an amazing sunset!

Parikia bay sunset

Route 2 : Lighthouse route in Paros Park & Paros Park coastal route


Distance: 2. km one way

Description: Short hike to Korakas lighthouse in the environmental park of Paros. In this route you can enjoy the raw and wild landscape of the area while enjoying amazing seaviews throughout your hike

Korakas lighthouse Paros

Route 3 : Agios Fokas

Distance: 4.6 km one way

Description: Coastal route around the heart-shaped gulf of Parikia. The path is easy with beautiful views all around. You may do as much you like, start from any point and enjoy the beaches around.

Parikia bay church Paros

Route 4 : Drios to Piso Livadi

Distance: 6.5 km one way

Description: Coastal route on the south east side of the island. There is high flexibility with this route as you can start from any point and walk/bike as much as you like. The first 2km from Drios to Golden beach are as nice as the last from Punda to Piso Livadi.

Piso Livadi Paros


Route 1: Prodromos to Lefkes (or vice versa)

Distance: 3.9 km one way

Description: This is part of the Byzantine path which was used by old Parians over 600 years ago. It’s hilly but with raw nature around and beautiful starting and end points (traditional villages). This is a classic on Paros.

Marpissa view of mountains

Route 2 : Ampelas to Mikri Santa Maria


Distance: 7.9 km 

Description: Beautiful coastal route with sea views and a panoramic view to Naxos throughout the route. This is a flat route and very easy to do. It’s classified as moderate because of its distance. Feel free to do as much of it as you wish.

Hiking Paros

Route 3 : Agios Artemios - Profitis Ilias

Distance: 13.6 km 

Description: Start from Heart of Paros Apartments and explore the quiet area of Kakapetra on your way to Agios Arsenios and Profitis Ilias churches where you will rewarded with breathtaking views. You may also shorten the route by driving closer to the churches are walking around there.

Sunset facing Antiparos island

Route 4 : Kalami


Distance: 14 km

Description: Kalami is a hill behind Parikia’s gulf surrounded by the sea and beautiful valleys. The views are worth every minute you walk. If you choose part of the route, do the part that passes next to the wind turbines, the view is great there.

Dirt roads on Paros


Route 1: Lefkes - Auklaki

Distance: 15.8 km loop

Description: This a beautiful loop starting from Leukes and passing from the some pristine valleys with very little human activity. On this path you can also explore and have a break in the villages of Lefkes (start and end point) and Prodromos (mid-point).

Sunset view east Paros

Route 2 : Vounia


Distance: 17.5 km loop

Description: The Vounia area is a calm mountainous area in the central north side of Paros. Other than a few churches and monasteries, all you may find is some farmers and lots of nice valleys and hills. In this route you will also find the ancient marble quarries of Paros.

Ancient quarries Paros

Route 3 : Long hiking & mtb route Paros


Distance: 42.2 km


This route has several segments as you will see on the map and is comprised of the following routes:

  • Parikia to Marathi

  • Marathi

  • Kostos

  • Kostos to Monastery of St. John

  • St. John to Ag. Theodoroi Monastery

  • Kamari - Aneratza

  • Agios Charalambos

  • Kakapetra


The route has a little bit of everything. Valleys, rolling hills and mountains, very old paths, varying vegetation, monasteries and a lot more!

Spring weather Paros

Route 5 : Aliki to Makria Miti


Distance: 5.3 km one way

Description: TCoastal route on the south of Paros starting from the fishing village of Aliki and continuing past some quite beaches. There is high flexibility with this route again and you can start from any point and walk/bike as much as you like.

Aegean sea hiking
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