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Beaches of Paros

Here’s our own mini travel guide for Paros: Made so that we can share our love for the island and make you fall in love with it too!


In this guide we will walk through different sets of information for making your stay more enjoyable while on Paros. The guide contains several topics so feel free to click on the sections of interest and read more about them.

We will cover the following sections:


Beaches - There are so many, where to go?


Paros has over 40 beaches with various lengths, characteristics and accessibility. From quiet coves with no infrastructure to long sandy beaches with beach bars, restaurants and water sports. Windsurfers head to Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, two very popular beaches for wind sports. In fact, the Windsurfing world Cup takes place often at Golden Beach and Kite-boarding World Cups have been held at Pounta Beach near the airport. On the other hand, Martselo beach is for all ages and only a few minutes boat ride from the port of Parikia. Let’s analyse the best beaches on Paros!

Aegean sea clarity

1) Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a 700 meters long sandy beach on the south eastern part of the island. It takes its name from the fine sand, which has glass elements in it and provides a sparkling effect during sunshine. Golden beach has something to offer for every type of visitor.

  • Water sports

    • Wind surfing - Windsurfing world Cups have taken place at Golden Beach multiple times. Be sure to check out Force 7 club for lessons and renting equipment

    • Scuba diving - There are 2 Scuba Diving schools in Golden Beach which both have excellent instructors offering Scuba Diving lessons and of course dives for every level. These are Paros Divers and Paros Diving Center. If you would like to try Scuba Diving, these are the places to go!

    • Water skiing and wake board - Awake watersports center just next to Rebel Beach Bar offers water skiing, wake board, tubing, kayak rentals and more. Be sure to check this place out and try some activities

  • Beach bars - Restaurants

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments: c. 0.3 km, about a 4-5 min walk

Golden beach

2) Lolantonis Beach


Lolantonis beach is located on the south part of Paros. It is characterized by crystal clear water and a relaxing atmosphere. Lolantonis is a great choice for windy days as it is well protected from north winds. Lolantonis is mostly quiet without much infrastructure other than 1 beach bar on the side of the beach.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments: c. 3 km, about a 7 min drive

Marcello beach Paros
Marcello beach Paros

3) Logaras Beach


Logaras is a long, sandy, tree-lined beach surrounded with taverns and featuring loungers & parasols and is situated right next to Piso Livadi. Logaras benefits from crystal clear water which gets deep quite quickly while the grany sand is easy to dry off. It attracts people from all ages and families. In Logaras, you may choose whether you would like to rent a sunbed, sit on a beach bar or simply relax by the trees on the beach.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : c. 4 km, about a 7 min drive

Logaras Beach Paros
Logaras Beach Paros

4) Faragas Beach


Located on the southern side of the island, 3 km from Alyki, Farangas is a nice beach with crystal water. Part of this beach is unorganized, while at one side there is a beach bar. The beach is protected from north winds and is usually a great choice for days with moderate to high winds. Faragas beach is beautiful for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Two smaller beaches are nearby (only accessible by foot), click on this link and also this link to find their location.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : c. 9.6 km, about a 13 min drive

Faragas Beach Paros

5) Santa Maria, Laggeri, Mikri Santa Maria


Santa Maria, Laggeri and Mikri Santa Maria are three beaches in the same part of the island and due to the proximity, it’s useful to list together and perhaps try them within the same day. Santa Maria is the largest and more famous beach on the area with white sand, sun loungers, island views & clear water for diving & water sports. It also has a beach bar. Mikri Santa Maria means “Small Santa Maria” and is a bit further and as the name describes it is smaller than Santa Maria. It is in a beautiful little cove protected from the winds. Finally Laggeri is peaceful, remote beach with sand dunes, calm water for swimming & a clothing-optional section. Laggeri does not have any shops or beach bars.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : c. 19 km, about a 25 min drive

6) Kolymbithres Beach


The beach of Kolimbithres is one of the most famous beaches of Paros and is located in the bay of Naoussa. This beach is particularly impressive because of the huge blocks of granite boarding it, sculpted into strange smooth shapes by the sea and the wind over the centuries. Many consider it as one of the most beautiful Greece beaches.

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments : c. 19 km, about a 25 min drive

Aegean sea water

7) Molos Beach & Kalogeros Beach


Molos and Kalogeros Beach are situated on the east side of Paros. Molos is overlooking directly easy towards Naxos and is a large spherical bay. It offers shallow crystal clear water, a very long sandy beach and is fantastic for families and kids. It has a windsurf school but it enjoys the peace of a rather unorganised beach. Kalogeros is only 150m from Molos. Kalogeros has natural minerals that people apply throughout their skin and get a unique experience softening their skin. It is a really fun activity and for sure you will get unforgettable photos while covered in mud (the mineral).

Distance and time from Tonia Apartments: c. 8 km, about a 13 min drive

8) Marcello Beach


Marcello beach is very close to the apartments and one of Paros’ most famous beaches. We have covered Marcello beach extensively in our blog so all you have to do is click on this link to learn all about Marcello!


Distance and time from Tonia Apartments: c. 23 km and 35 mins by car or a 5-7 min boat ride from the port of Paros 

Marcello beach Paros
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