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About Paros

Paros Island, located in the heart of the Cyclades, is the third largest island of the archipelago. One of the three most-visited islands in the Cyclades, Paros, like her two popular sister islands, Mykonos and Santorini, offers beautiful landscapes, exquisite beaches  interesting architecture and rich archaeological venues.  Easily accessible by ferry or plane from Athens and from other islands, friendly Paros is preferred by both families and young people.

Upon arrival, whether by air or by sea, you will already be charmed by the beautiful blue of the Aegean and the characteristic whitewashed houses that dot the island landscape.  Once  ashore you will find yourself immersed in the sights, sounds and fragrances of life here on Paros.  Perhaps you will stroll around the narrow, meandering, cobblestoned streets of a village with its flowered balconies and cats lazing amidst the bustle of daily life there, where as you pass by you catch the aromas of the place – here someone preparing the mid-day meal, there the smell of fresh-baked bread from the town bakery, further on the wafting sweetness of incense and beeswax from a chapel.  Or, you may wander freely in the beautiful countryside discovering  the abundant wildlife and the ubiquitous, picturesque little chapels that can surprise you in the most remote of places, and where, surrounded by wild thyme and sage, sometimes the only sounds you will hear are the buzzing of the bees, the soft tinkling of goat bells from a flock grazing on a nearby hill and  the murmur of the wind. Certainly, in your explorations, you will want to find the beaches. Whether rocky or sandy, the coastline of Paros always gives onto the clean, blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Probably, a lot of your favorite time here on Paros will no doubt be spent sunning and relaxing on some of the best beaches in the Cyclades and refreshing yourself with a swim in the beautiful waters of our little Paradise.

Exploring the villages of Paros is a favorite venture among our guests.  Paroikia is the capital and main harbor of the island and therefore houses many facilities and amenities for the traveler.  It is also home of the beautiful and much-visited “Church of A Hundred Doors” as well as many archaeological sites and features and a fine museum.  On the Northern side of Paros is Naoussa, a picturesque harbor town with Venetian architecture and an enchanting atmosphere.  The small fishing port here has a lively nightlife as it is lined with wonderful cafes, bistros, some of the best fish tavernas on the island and inviting bars with great ambience and good music.  In the hilly center of the island below its highest point at  Profitis Eilias (Mt.Prophet Elijah), lies the village of Lefkes. Once the capital of the island, this charming village has a mountain feel about it, and with its delightful little gardens tucked away throughout the village, and beautiful churches and special cafes perched at the beginning of the Old Byzantine Road, it is definitely a  treat to walk around.  These are just three of the larger villages of Paros, but there are many more, each with its own unique history andpersonality, waiting for your discovery.

Some of the most popular beaches of Paros are found on the Southeastern side of the island.  Families  love to relax and swim from the plentiful sandy beaches in this region. Of special interest to the younger crowd is the Pounta Beach complex, alive day and night with beach activities, cafes, bars and music. Windsurfers head to Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, two very popular beaches for wind sports.  In fact, the Windsurfing world Cup takes place every year at Golden Beach and the Kite-boarding World  Cup is held at Pounta Beach. This is just a sampling from one side of the island, but there are many more special and beautiful beaches waiting for you here on Paros.

In addition to the usual “beach vacation” activities, Paros also offers great opportunities to experience or participate in other endeavors such as trekking, horseback riding, yoga, various  ongoing art, sculpture, music and literature projects , or exploring the rich archaeological sites abundant throughout the island.  As Paros is located in the center of the Cyclades, holidays here can be easily combined with trips to other Greek islands, especially our nearest neighbors which include Naxos, Mykonos, Delos, Tinos and Santoriniamong others.  Certainly not to be missed  is a visit to Antiparos , a small island only a ten-minute ferry ride from the port at South Pounta Beach on Paros.  Antiparos offers a relaxed atmosphere, unique shopping, lots of charming cafes, restaurants, and tavernas  . Beaches are beautiful, and some host happy parties  at every full moon.

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